Your Requirements, Our Solutions

In a fast changing business environment, organizations are looking towards implementing process automation to deliver tangible results with improved quality and productivity.

Key Challenges:

  • Storing, managing and interpreting data
  • Coordinated and real time view
  • Data sharing across departments
  • Linked database and effective reporting system
  • Continuous system upgrades

Procomate is an automated solution which helps to create efficient processes, reduce overall business expense and smartly monitor complete day-to-day operations.

Procomate is a low cost - high power tool that will drive business to the next level.

Procomate will manage your business while the you grow it.

Business Benefits

Procomate is a Cloud Based software for business management needs, encompassing order management, accounting, inventory, CRM, HR and more. It is an intelligent platform for businesses to manage operations, improve governance and process efficiency through personalized dashboards and in-depth reports.

The application offers a complete process framework which streamlines operations while ensuring quality compliance and adherence to best industry practices.

  • Coordinated Modules for Seamless Business Operations
  • Automated Workflow for Complete Business Management
  • Business Process Automation for Operational Efficiency
  • Latest Updates through Analytical Dashboards and Customized Reports
  • Cloud Based Deployment to Eliminate Hardware and IT Personnel Dependency

Product Modules

Customer Management

Provides a consolidated view of all customer records, whilst allowing efficient communication and collaboration with customers

Supplier Management

Provides a complete view of all supplier information such as contacts, brands, item list, pricing and other related details

Inventory Management

Gives real-time access to available inventory and its status, helping to optimize holding costs

Order Management

Optimizes order entry, while automating the entire procurement process from generating quotes, to order fulfillment and invoicing

Finance and Accounting

Provides a full suite of accounting functions for daily financial operations with a variety of available reports

HR Management

Plans and manages workforce to recruit, retain and engage the best talent to maximize employee performance

Project Management

Gives the ability to initiate, plan, execute and control projects to achieve desired goals within a specified time.

Document Management

Tracks, manages and stores documents electronically; eliminating paper use to maintain records