Our Mission

Most small businesses fail to capitalize on their initial success; they either stagnate or begin to decline. Statistics show that only half survive their fifth year of operation. Analysis shows that, many companies may have the skills and the expertise to build a business but lack the systems and processes to grow it. Procomate can empower the organization, with a platform that helps to manage operations efficiently, leaving more time to plan and strategize. With increased automation, Procomate can have a positive impact on productivity and profitability.

Procomate is an integrated application for businesses that will minimize manual intervention. It is a comprehensive business management solution designed to automate the entire operations by formalizing business processes. It gives total control of the business by integrating operations across the organization for streamlined, end-to-end business and financial management. A business process automation that is truly innovative for day-to-day business needs and is based on years of enterprise management experience.

Use Procomate to manage sales, service and marketing as well as accounting, asset management, distribution, inventory, people and payroll.

  • Make informed decisions with better data management
  • Reduce manpower costs with increased automation
  • Reduce operating costs by eliminating human errors and repetitions
  • Serve more customers by enhancing customer experience