Is a process automation software, which is modular in structure and yet integrated. It connects allows areas of the business to be connected on a single platform. The modular structure enables businesses to add functionality when needed.

The software is scalable and may be customized to any business solution. It has the capability to expand with the growth of the business. With customized solutions, it can be integrated with third party tools or software. As the business grows, more modules may be added to improve management capability.

It enables improved process efficiency through dashboards and insightful reports. It is secured with centralized storage and backups. Procomate focuses on making the working process easy and cost-effective. The application offers many benefits by being on the Cloud.

  • No technical personnel required
  • No on-premise IT infrastructure needed
  • Easy to understand, operate and adapt
  • Simple and quick installation
  • Highly configurable whenever required
  • Continuous improvement with new features
  • No on premise IT infrastructure needed


Our E-Commerce is designed for the modern day marketplace. Whatever the business; be it a Business - to - Business (B2B) or Business - to - Consumer (B2C), it will provide an online platform. We have a wide selection of templates to choose from, ready to be configured and deployed.

Design a marketing strategy for greater reach by linking your e-commerce platform with other major online selling portals. It provides retail solutions through back-end integration with Procomate.

  • Easy to use and self-manage store
  • Good for start-ups and existing businesses
  • End to end solution for efficient business management
  • Automated shipping solutions
  • Real time inventory control

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